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Title Average Current Mode Control Technique Having Fast Response
Authors Hae-Chan Park ; Il-Song Kim
Page pp.231-239
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Valley current mode control ; Average current mode control ; PI control ; Dead-beat control
Abstract A novel current control technique with fast response and application in an unbalanced system is proposed in this paper. Contrary to the conventional PI and dead-beat current control techniques, the proposed method is adopted to the valley current mode control (VCMC) and average current mode control (ACMC) methods to overcome the phase delay caused by conventional methods. The advantages of the proposed system are simplicity of structure and ease of implementation. The VCMC and ACMC methods are established and applied to the buck converter, boost converter, three-phase PWM converter, and three-phase inverter. The control performances of the proposed systems are shown by computer simulations and verified by experimental results.