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Title A High Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter with Wide Operation Range using Adaptive Turn Ratio Transformer for a Li-ion Battery
Authors Hyeong-Gu Han ; Yeong-Jun Choi ; Rae-Young Kim ; Juyong Kim ; Juyong Kim
Page pp.305-311
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LLC resonant converter ; Battery charger ; Adaptive turn ratio ; High efficiency ; Wide output voltage
Abstract In this paper, the LLC resonant converter battery charger, using adaptive turn ratio scheme, is proposed to achieve high efficiency and wide range output voltage. The LLC converter high frequency transformer has an adaptively changed turn ratio by the auxiliary control circuitry. As a result, the optimal converter design with a large magnetizing inductance is easily achieved to minimize the conduction and the turn-off losses while providing widely regulated voltage gain capability to properly charge the Li-ion battery. The proposed converter operational principle and the optimal design considerations are illustrated in detail. Finally, several simulation results verify the proposed LLC resonant converter’s effectiveness.