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Title Improvement of Battery Charging Efficiency of ESS for Wind Power Application Using DC-AC Hybrid Charging Pattern
Authors Jong-Hak Lee ; Seung-Ho Song
Page pp.330-335
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Battery ; ESS(Energy Storage System) ; PCS(Power Conditioning System)
Abstract Increased fossil fuel consumption causes global warming, environmental pollution, and abnormal climate change. Wind-generated power installation is proposed to solve this problem. Recently, the wind power plant construction case encourages the installation of the energy storage system (ESS) to improve the intermittency of wind power. The maximized ESS operation profits connected to wind power are not generated in the simplest operation pattern of charging at night and discharging at day. The battery charging efficiency improvement should be considered to get more profits. Thus, there is a possibility of increasing ESS operation profits by analyzing the battery AC and DC charging/discharging efficiency and the yearly average sealed maintenance free (SMP) in hours. In this paper, the battery impedance characteristic, AC and DC charging/discharging efficiency, and the yearly average SMP are analyzed. The operation scenario to improve the ESS battery charging efficiency connected to wind power is proposed and verified via simulation.