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Title Application of DC distribution IPS to a 10t Class Fishing Boat
Authors Young-Kwang Son ; Sehwa Choe ; Seung-Yong Lee ; So-Yeon Kim ; Seung-Ki Sul
Page pp.353-359
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC Microgrid ; Electric propulsion ; IPS(Integrated Power System) ; Variable speed engine drive ; SFC(Specific Fuel Consumption) ; AFE(Active Front-End)
Abstract To take advantage of electric propulsion, several large vessel kinds, namely, cruise vessels, icebreakers, drill ships, and warships, have been generally designed with Integrated Power System (IPS). Although most of these vessels have adopted AC distribution IPS, DC distribution IPS ships have recently emerged as a new promising technology thanks to the availability of the products related to the DC distribution system, in which the system’s major advantages over AC distribution are reduced weight and fuel consumption. This paper presents the comparison results of a 10-t class fishing boat for the AC distribution and DC distribution cases. By replacing AC distribution system with DC distribution, 31 ? 41% reduction in the weight of the electrical equipment weight and 20 ? 25% reduction in the fuel consumption are expected.