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Title Technology Development Trend of Domestic and Foreign Electric Vehicle and Technology Development Strategy of Domestic Electric Vehicle Core Parts
Authors Younh-Wook Son ; Gun-Soo Huh
Page pp.373-381
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords EV(Electric Vehicle) ; R&D ; Core parts technology ; Drive motor ; Battery ; Air conditioning system ; High-voltage parts ; Charging infrastructure
Abstract The electric vehicle market has increased rapidly in recent years. Established global automakers have announced that electric cars will be developed and distributed. Furthermore, current electric cars are not merely breezes, instead, they are the mainstream of automobiles. However, high prices, short mileage, and long charge times are the main obstacles to the spread of electric vehicles. To solve these problems, the competition for technology development for the expansion of electric vehicles worldwide intensifies because of the improvements in mileage, price reduction, and expansion of charging infrastructure. In this paper, the trends in the development of key technologies for electric vehicles in overseas markets and the present strategic goals for the development of key technologies for electric vehicles in Korea will be identified.