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Title The Influence of Electric Noise for Decrepit Vehicle
Authors Nyeonsik Choi
Page pp.382-389
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Electric noise ; Electric filter ; Decrepit vehicle ; Injection time ; Emission
Abstract The development of electronic technology has been rapidly achieved in the automotive industry. A trend that attaches electric equipment, including ECUs at vehicles, is observed. However, decrepit vehicles have several electrical noises and errors. The effect of electric noise on vehicles that are focused on smoke was investigated. Many researchers have argued that one of the reasons of the occurrence of smoke in vehicles is the inexact time of the occurrence of ignition. Moreover, various physical, chemical, and thermodynamic solutions were attempted to approach and many improvements were accomplished. However, in this study, the reduction of electrical and electronic noise is confirmed to improve the accuracy of the injection time on decrepit vehicles with electrical and electric technologies. Previous studies suggest that the distance between the pilot and main ignitions affect the occurrence of smoke and control the variance value of the distance between pilot and main ignitions with electric filter. Thus, the effect of reducing smoke occurred.