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Title Study on 3-Phase Isolated PFC Converter for the Electric Vehicle Charger
Authors Yoon-Jae Kim ; Jun-Young Lee ; Il-Oun Lee ; Byung-Kwon Lee ; Seung-Won Choi ; Young-Gun Hong
Page pp.404-413
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PFC converter ; DC-DC converter ; Buck converter ; Power factor control ; Current and voltage control
Abstract This paper suggests an isolated PFC converter for electric vehicle (EV) chargers with wide-output voltage range. The proposed converter is based on voltage-fed full-bridge structure. All the harmonic and output controls are performed by secondary and primary switches are only operated under a fixed frequency with 50% duty-ratio. In addition, harmonic modulation technique is adopted to obtain a near unity power factor without input current monitoring. The feasibility of the proposed charger has been verified with a 10-kW prototype.