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Title An Asymmetric Half-Bridge Converter with Reduced Transformer Offset Current in Wide Input Voltage Range
Authors Jung-Kyu Han ; Jong-Woo Kim ; Gun-Woo Moon
Page pp.431-439
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords DC/DC converter ; Asymmetric half-bridge converter ; Transformer offset current
Abstract An asymmetric half-bridge is one of the most promising topology in low-power application because of its small number of components and inherent zero-voltage switching capability. However, when it is designed taking into a hold-up time, it has large transformer offset current and small transformer turns-ratio, which severely decreases the total efficiency of s converter. In this paper, a new boost-integrated asymmetric half-bridge converter is proposed to solve these problems. The integrated boost converter compensates the hold-up time, thus facilitating optimal design in nominal state. As a result, the proposed converter can achieve high efficiency in nominal state. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed converter, an experiment is conducted using a 250-400 V input and 45 V/3.3 A output prototype.