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Title Controller Design of Stand-Alone or Grid-Connected Inverter to Compensate Harmonics Caused by Nonlinear Load
Authors Chanho Sin ; Kyungbae Lim ; Simatupang Desmon PetrusSimatupang Desmon Petrus ; Jaeho Choi
Page pp.440-448
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Grid-connected inverter ; Stand-alone inverter ; PR(Proportional Resonant) controller ; Harmonics compensation ; Nonlinear load
Abstract This paper proposes a controller design of a distributed source inverter in stand-alone mode or grid-connected mode to compensate the current or voltage harmonics caused by local nonlinear load. The PR-based multi loop controller has been used to improve the dynamic performance of the system and to compensate the output voltage or grid current harmonics. The multi-loop controller consists of an outer current controller and an inner voltage controller for the output voltage control in stand-alone mode. In grid-connected mode, an outer current controller is added to the output voltage controller for the grid current control. The design performance of each controller is described through the Root locus and Bode plot of the transfer functions. The validity of the proposed control algorithm and design parameters has been verified through the PSiM simulation and experimental results.