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Title Digital Power Control of LLC Resonant Inverter for Microwave Oven
Authors Kyelyong Kang ; Heung-Geun Kim ; Honnyong Cha
Page pp.457-462
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Digital power control ; High frequency transformer ; LLC resonant inverter ; Magnetron
Abstract This paper proposes a digital power control of the LLC resonant half-bridge inverter for high power microwave oven application. Conventional half-bridge inverter for driving a microwave oven uses a hardware-based power control method which varies the frequency according to the AC source voltage. In this case, it is difficult to control the output power according to the variation of the load status of magnetron. The proposed power control consists of an instantaneous current generator and a current controller. Instantaneous current generator makes an instantaneous current reference from power command using input voltage information. Current controller controls input current which has an information of status of magnetron. The proposed power control does not require any compensation algorithm for the change of the load status of the magnetron and change of input voltage. The validity of the proposed method for the control of the change of input voltage and frequency is verified by both simulation and experiment.