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Title Optimal Design of Volume Reduction for Capacitive-coupled Wireless Power Transfer System using Leakage-enhanced Transformer
Authors Hee-Su Choi ; Chae-Ho Jeong ; Sung-Jin Choi
Page pp.469-475
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords C-WPT(Capacitive-coupled Wireless Power Transmission) ; Impedance matching ; LET(Leakage-enhanced Transformer) ; Volume reduction
Abstract Using impedance matching techniques as a way to increase system power transferability in capacitive wireless power transmission has been widely investigated in conventional studies. However, these techniques tend to increase the circuit volume and thus counterbalance the advantage of the simplicity in the energy link structure. In this paper, a compact circuit topology with one leakage-enhanced transformer is proposed in order to minimize the circuit volume for the capacitive power transfer system. This topology achieves a reactive compensation, and the system quality factor value can be reduced by the turn ratio. As a result, this topology not only reduces the overall system volume but also minimizes the voltage stress of the link capacitor. An optimal design guideline for the leakage-enhanced transformer is also presented. The advantages of the proposed scheme over the conventional method in terms of power efficiency and circuit volume are revealed through an analytic comparison. The feasibility of applying the new topology is also verified by conducting 50 W hardware tests.