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Title A Reduced Component count Single-stage Electrolytic Capacitor-less Interleaved Totem-pole On-board Battery Charger
Authors Byeong-Woo Kim ; Woo-Sik Cho ; Se-Wan Choi
Page pp.510-516
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords On-board battery charger ; Single-stage ; Soft switching ; Totem-pole ; Electrolytic capacitor-less
Abstract This paper proposes a single-stage interleaved totem-pole on-board battery charger with a simple structure and a reduced component count. Apart from achieving ZVS turn-on of all switches and ZCS turn-off of all diodes, this charger does not require an input filter due to its CCM operation and bulky electrolytic capacitors, which in turn result in a high power density. A single-stage power conversion technique is applied to the interleaved structure in order to achieve a high power density and high efficiency. A 2.5 kW prototype of the proposed charger is also built and tested to validate the proposed operation.