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Title LLC Resonant Converter Operating over a Wide Output Voltage Range by Varying the Input Voltage and Changing Operating Modes
Authors Ji-Cheol Lee ; Jong-Seong Joo ; Ye-Chang Heo ; Takongmo Marius ; Eun-Soo Kim ; Yong-Seog Jeon ; Yoon-Sang Kook
Page pp.517-526
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Isolated DC-DC converter ; LLC resonant converter ; Wide output voltage range ; EV Charger
Abstract In this paper, we propose an LLC resonant converter that operates over a wide controllable output voltage (50 VDC to 800 VDC) and shows high efficiency characteristics under all load conditions and output voltages. Two 3.3kW prototypes are designed for an experimental comparison between the variable frequency control (control scheme 1) and the variable input voltage(VIN) control (control scheme 2) mechanisms. The experimental results show that the variable input control mechanism demonstrates high efficiency under all loads and output voltages.