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Title SiC Motor Drive for Elevator System
Authors Jin-Su Gwon ; Seok-Hwan Moon ; Ju-Chan Kim ; and Joon-Min Lee
Page pp.147-152
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SiC power semiconductor ; SiC-MOSFET ; SiC inverter ; Elevator ; Motor drive
Abstract With the recent emphasis on the importance of energy conservation, studies on high-efficiency elevator systems are being continuously conducted. Therefore, pulse width modulation converters are commonly used in traction drives on elevator systems. Wide bandgap devices have been increasingly commercialized, and their application to power conversion systems, such as renewable and energy storage system, has been gradually increasing. In this study, a SiC inverter for an elevator traction drive is investigated. In particular, an inverter is designed to minimize stray and parasitic inductance. Input and output filters are designed by considering switching frequency. The designed SiC inverter reduces volume by approximately 32% compared with that of a Si inverter, and power converter efficiency is over 98.8%.