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Title Current Source Type Pulse Generator with Improved Output Voltage Waveform for High Voltage Capacitively Coupled Plasma System
Authors Beomseok Chae ; Juhwa Min ; Yongsug Suhand Hyunbae Kim
Page pp.153-160
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Capacitively coupled plasma ; Current source converter ; Pulse power generator ; Plasma power supply
Abstract This study proposes a current source-type pulse generator to improve output voltage and current waveforms under a capacitively coupled plasma (CCP) system. The proposed circuit comprises two parallel-connected current source-type converters. These converters can satisfy the required output waveforms of plasma processing. The parallel-connected converters operate without reverse current fault by applying a time-delay control technique. Conventional voltage source converters based on pulse power supply exhibit drawbacks in short-circuit current, and problems occur when they are applied to a CCP system. The proposed pulse power supply based on a current source converter fundamentally solves the short-circuit current problem. Therefore, this topology can improve the voltage and current accuracy of a CCP system.