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Title A Study on Optimal Design of Capacitance for Active Power Decoupling Circuits
Authors Ki-Ho Baek ; Sung-Min Park ; and Gyo-Bum Chung
Page pp.181-190
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Active power decoupling circuit ; Capacitance optimization ; High power density converter ; Ripple power minimization
Abstract Active power decoupling circuits have emerged to eliminate the inherent second-order ripple power in a single-phase power conversion system. This study proposes a design method to determine the optimal capacitance for active power decoupling circuits to achieve high power density. Minimum capacitance is derived by analyzing ripple power in a passive power decoupling circuit, a buck-type circuit, and a capacitor-split-type circuit. Double-frequency ripple power decoupling capabilities are also analyzed in three decoupling circuits under a 3.3 kW load condition for a battery charger application. To verify the proposed design method, the performance of the three decoupling circuits with the derived minimum capacitance is compared and analyzed through the results of MATLAB?Simulink and hardware-in-the-loop simulations.