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Title Design and Efficiency Analysis 48V-12V Converter using Gate Driver Integrated GaN Module
Authors Jongwan Kim ; Jung-Muk Choe ; Yousef Alabdrabalnabi ; and Jih-Sheng Jason Lai
Page pp.201-206
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords GaN device ; Common source inductance ; Synchronous buck converter ; Power loss calculation
Abstract This study presents the design and experimental result of a GaN-based DC?DC converter with an integrated gate driver. The GaN device is attractive to power electronic applications due to its superior device performance. However, the switching loss of a GaN-based power converter is susceptible to the common source inductance, and converter efficiency is severely degraded with a large loop inductance. The objective of this study is to achieve high-efficiency power conversion and the highest power density using a multiphase integrated half-bridge GaN solution with minimized loop inductance. Before designing the converter, several GaN and Si devices were compared and loss analysis was conducted. Moreover, the impact of common source inductance from layout parasitic inductance was carefully investigated. Experimental test was conducted in buck mode operation at 48?12 V, and results showed a peak efficiency of 97.8%.