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Title High Power Density 50kW Bi-directional Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicle HDC
Authors Jung-Woo Yang ; Moon-Hwan Keum ; Yoon Choi ; Sang-Kyoo Han ; Seok-Joon Kim ; Sam-Gyun Kim ; Jong-Pil Kim ; Suk-Chin Sakong
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2016.21.2.95
Page pp.95-101
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Non-isolated; Bi-directional; HDC(High voltage DC-DC Converter); Interleaved; High power density; DM(Differential Mode) coupled inductor
Abstract This paper proposed a high-power density bidirectional converter for hybrid electric vehicle high-voltage DC-DC converter(HDC). The conventional HDC has two disadvantages. First, large inductance is required to satisfy the ripple current of inductor by low switching frequency (<20 kHz). Second, large core size is required to prevent the saturation of inductor by high current. Compared with the conventional HDC, the proposed HDC can reduce inductance with SiC-FET for high frequency driving. High-power density of I/O capacitors can be achieved through two-phase interleaved method. The high-power density of inductors can be achieved because the offset current of magnetizing inductance is theoretically terminated by using the differential mode coupled inductor instead of using two single inductors. The validity of the proposed converter is proved through the 50 kW prototype.