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Title A Study on the Auto-MTPT Algorithm to Make the Speed-based Current-map of IPMSM for Traction of Inwheel
Authors Gui-Yeol Park ; Jung-Woo Park ; Yo-Han Hwang ; Duck-Woong Shin ; Chae-Joo Moon
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2016.21.5.411
Page pp.411-417
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Auto MTPT; IPMSM; Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor; Look-up table; EV; Electric vehicle; In-wheel motor.
Abstract Theoretical IPMSM control technique is complicated, and reliability is low because of the changing parameters. Further, in case of general look-up table designing method which obtains torque characteristics (according to current and speed) or torque characteristics (according to magnetic flux through the entire control region), obtaining a precise result can be difficult and has the disadvantage taking too much time to establish a current look-up table. In this paper, the new auto maximum torque point tracking (MTPT) algorithm that automatically finds the optimum stator d?q axis electric current reference through the entire speed region is devised; consequently, it could establish a 3D look-up table with torque characteristics according to current and speed. In case of using the devised auto MTPT algorithm, the result value detailed was obtained in comparison with the generalized look-up design technique, and checked to reduce the current look-up table establishment time.