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Title A Study on Reactor Capacitance Estimation Algorithm and 5kW Plasma Power Supply Design for Linear Output Control of Wide Range
Authors Hyun-Kyu Noh ; Jun-Young Lee ; Min-Jea Kim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2016.21.6.514
Page pp.514-524
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Plasma power supply; Plasma discharger; Plasma reactor; Plasma reactor capacitance algorithm; High frequency switching inverter; Resonant inverter
Abstract This work suggests a study on 5 kW plasma power supply design and reactor capacitance estimation algorithm for a wide range of linear output control to operate a plasma reactor. The suggested study is designed to use a two-stage circuit and control the full-bridge circuit of the two-stage circuit using the buck converter output voltage of the single-stage circuit. The switching frequency of the full-bridge circuit is designed to operate through high-frequency switching and obtain maximum output using LC parallel resonance. Soft switching technique(ZVS) is used to reduce the loss caused by high-frequency switching, and duty control of the buck converter is applied to control a wide range of linear output. The internal capacitance of the reactor cannot easily be extracted, and thus, the reactor cannot be operated in an optimized resonant state. To address this issue, this work designs the internal capacitance of the reactor such that estimations can be performed with the developed reactor capacitance estimation algorithm applied to the internal capacitance of the reactor. A 5 kW plasma power supply is designed for a wide range of linear output control, and the validity of the study on the reactor capacitance estimation algorithm is verified.