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Title A Study on the Efficiency Characteristics of the Interleaved CRM PFC using GaN FET
Authors Tae-Young Ahn ; Jin-Haeng Jang ; Yong-Man Gil
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2015.20.1.65
Page pp.65-71
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords GaN FET; CRM(Critical Current Mode); PFC(Power Factor Correction); High efficiency; SiC FET
Abstract This paper presents the efficiency analysis of a critical current mode interleaved PFC rectifier, in which each of three different semiconductor switches is employed as the active switch. The Si FET, SiC FET, and GaN FET are consecutively used with the prototype PFC rectifier, and the efficiency of the PFC rectifier with each different semiconductor switch is analyzed. An equivalent circuit model of the PFC rectifier, which incorporates all the internal losses of the PFC rectifier, is developed. The rms values of the current waveforms main circuit components are calculated. By adapting the rms current waveforms to the equivalent model, all the losses are broken down and individually analyzed to assess the conduction loss, switching loss, and magnetic loss in the PFC rectifier. This study revealed that the GaN FET offers the highest overall efficiency with the least loss among the three switching devices. The GaN FET yields 96% efficiency at 90 V input and 97.6% efficiency at 240 V, under full load condition. This paper also confirmed that the efficiency of the three switching devices largely depends on the turn-on resistance and parasitic capacitance of the respective switching devices.