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Title Totem-pole Bridgeless Boost PFC Converter Based on GaN FETs
Authors Paul Jang ; Sang-Woo Kang ; Bo-Hyung Cho ; Jin-Han Kim ; Han-Sol Seo ; Hyun-Soo Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2015.20.3.214
Page pp.214-222
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Totem-pole; Bridgeless; PFC(Power Factor Correction); GaN FET(Gallium Nitride FET)
Abstract The superiority of gallium nitride FET (GaN FET) over silicon MOSFET is examined in this paper. One of the outstanding features of GaN FET is low reverse-recovery charge, which enables continuous conduction mode operation of totem-pole bridgeless boost power factor correction (PFC) circuit. Among many bridgeless topologies, totem-pole bridgeless shows high efficiency and low conducted electromagnetic interference performance, with low cost and simple control scheme. The operation principle, control scheme, and circuit implementation of the proposed topology are provided. The converter is driven in two-module interleaved topology to operate at a power level of 5.5 kW, whereas phase-shedding control is adopted for light load efficiency improvement. Negative bias circuit is used in gate drivers to avoid the shoot-through induced by high speed switching. The superiority of GaN FET is verified by constructing a 5.5 kW prototype of two-module interleaved totem-pole bridgeless boost PFC converter. The experiment results show the highest efficiency of 98.7% at 1.6 kW load and an efficiency of 97.7% at the rated load.