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Title Implementation and Problem Analysis of Phase Shifted dc-dc Full Bridge Converter with GaN HEMT
Authors Dong-Myoung Joo ; Dong-Sik Kim ; Byoung-Kuk Lee ; Jong-Soo Kim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2015.20.6.558
Page pp.558-565
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords GaN HEMT; Cascode GaN; Phase shifted dc-dc full bridge converter
Abstract Gallium nitride high-electron mobility transistor (GaN HEMT) is the strongest candidate for replacing Si MOSFET. Comparing the figure of merit (FOM) of GaN with the state-of-the-art super junction Si MOSFET, the FOM is much better because of the wide band gap characteristics and the heterojunction structure. Although GaN HEMT has many benefits for the power conversion system, the performance of the power conversion system with the GaN HEMT is sensitive because of its low threshold voltage (Vth) and even lower parasitic capacitance. This study examines the characteristics of a phase-shifted full-bridge dc?dc converter with cascode GaN HEMT. The problem of unoptimized dead time is analyzed on the basis of the output capacitance of GaN HEMT. In addition, the printed circuit board (PCB) layout consideration is analyzed to reduce the negative effects of parasitic inductance. A comparison of the experimental results is provided to validate the dead time and PCB layout analysis for a phase-shifted full-bridge dc?dc converter with cascode GaN HEMT.