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Title A Study on Flicker Free LED Driver for Dimming MR16 Electronic Transformer
Authors Taek-Woo Kim ; Sung-Soo Hong ; Bong-Ho Yeom
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2014.19.4.327
Page pp.327-331
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords MR16 electronic transformer; LED driver; flicker free; dimming MR16
Abstract LED(Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device utilizing electroluminescent effect is a phenomenon in which a type of P-N junction diode, the light of short wavelength which a voltage is applied in the forward direction is released. LED is advantageous in reducing the energy as environmentally materials that can greatly reduce the carbon emissions, recent it has attracted attention IT(Information Technology) and GT(Green Technology) industry. In addition, there are advantages long life, high efficiency, and excellent response speed, LED have come into the spotlight as the illumination means to replace the existing fluorescent light and incandescent light bulb. When connecting to MR16 electronic transformer for existing LED driver circuit, due to malfunction of the dimmer and the electronic transformer, flicker occurs and linear dimming is not possible. Therefore, in this paper, we suggest an LED drive circuit there is no flicker with the corresponding dimming MR16 electronic transformer. Further, we explain the principles of the LED current control technique and the principle of the drive circuit of the LED, in order to validate the proposed circuit through prototyping and simulation.