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Title LCCT Z-Source DC-DC Converter with the Bipolar Output Voltages for Improving the Voltage Stress and Ripple
Authors Jong-Ki Park ; Yeon-Soo Shin ; Young-Gook Jung ; Young-Cheol Lim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.1.91
Page pp.91-102
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords improved LCCT Z-source DC-DC converter(Improved LCCT ZSDC); bipolar output voltages; voltage stress; input current. capacitor voltage ripple; Efficiency.
Abstract This paper proposes the improved LCCT(Inductor-Capacitor-Capacitor-Trans) Z-source DC-DC converter (Improved LCCT ZSDC) which can generate the bipolar output voltages according to duty ratio D. The proposed converter has the characteristic and structure of Quasi Z-source DC-DC converter(Quasi ZSDC) and conventional LCCT Z-source DC-DC converter(LCCT ZSDC). To confirm the validity of the proposed method, PSIM simulation and a DSP based experiment were performed for each converter. In case which the input DC voltage is 70V, the bipolar output DC voltage of positive 90V and negative 50V could generate. Also, as comparison result of the capacitor voltage ripple in Z-network and the input current under the same condition for each converter, the voltage stress and the capacitor voltage in Z-network of the proposed method were lower compared with the conventional methods. Finally, the efficiency for each method was investigated according to load variation and duty ratio D.