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Title A Study on the Output Voltage Characteristic of Switched Trans Z-Source Inverter
Authors Se-Jin Kim ; Young-Gook Jung ; Young-Cheol Lim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.2.123
Page pp.123-130
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords switched trans Z-source inverter; STZSI; transformer turn ratio; switched inductor ZSI; SLZSI; trans ZSI; TZSI; voltage stress; voltage boost ability
Abstract This paper proposes the switched trans Z-source inverter(STZSI) which combined the characteristics of the trans Z-source inverter(TZSI) and the switched inductor Z-source inverter(SLZSI). The proposed STZSI has the same performance compared with the SLZSI which is improved the voltage boost performance of the conventional typical X-shaped ZSI, and it has advantage that circuit structure of Z-impedance network is more simple. And, in order to step up the voltage boost factor under the condition of the same duty ratio, unlike the SLZSI adding the inductors and diodes, the proposed method is dune by changing the turn ratio of trans primary winding of Z-impedance network. To confirm the validity of the proposed method, PSIM simulation and a DSP(TMS320F28335) based experiment were performed using trans with turn ratio 1 and 2 under the condition of the input DC voltage VI=50V, duty ratio D=0.1 and D=0.15. As a result, under the same input/ouput condition, the inverter arm voltage stress of the proposed method is reduced to about 15%-22% as compared with typical X-shaped ZSI, and the elements in Z-impedance network of the proposed method is reduced as compared with the SLZSI.