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Title Simulation and Experiment of Dynamic Torsional Vibration during Grid Low Voltage in a PMSG Wind Power Generation System
Authors Sun-Hyung Kwon ; Seung-Ho Song
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.3.211
Page pp.211-216
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords low-voltage ride-through(LVRT); permanent magnet synchronous generator(PMSG); machine side converter(MSC); grid side converter(GSC); wind turbine
Abstract A wind generator system model includes wind model, rotor dynamics, synchronous generator, power converter, distribution line and infinite bus. This paper investigates the low-Voltage Ride-Through capability of PMSG wind turbine in a variable speed. The drive train of a wind turbine on 2-mass modeling can observe the shaft torsional vibration when the low-voltage occur. To reduce the torsional vibration when the low-voltage occur, this paper designs suppression control algorithm of the torsional vibration and implements simulation. The simulation based on MATLAB/SIMULINK has validated at the transient state of the PMSG and an experiment using 3kW simulator has validated the LVRT control.