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Title IPMSM Sensorless Control Using Square-Wave-Type Voltage Injection Method with a Simplified Signal Processing
Authors Nae-Chun Park ; Sang-Hoon Kim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.3.225
Page pp.225-231
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords IPMSM; sensorless control; square-wave voltage injection; initial rotor position estimation
Abstract This paper presents an improved signal processing technique in the square-wave-type voltage injection method for IPMSM sensorless drives. Since the sensorless method based on the square-wave voltage injection does not use low-pass filters to get an error signal for estimating rotor position and allows the frequency of the injected voltage signal to be high, the sensorless drive system may achieve an enhanced control bandwidth and reduced acoustic noise. However, this sensorless method still requires low-pass and band-pass filters to extract the fundamental component current and the injected frequency component current from the motor current, respectively. In this paper, these filters are replaced by simple arithmetic operations so that the time delay for estimating the rotor position can be effectively reduced to only one current sampling. Hence, the proposed technique can simplify its whole signal process for the IPMSM sensorless control using the square-wave-type voltage injection. The proposed technique is verified by the experiment on the 800W IPMSM drive system.