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Title Soft Switching DC-DC Converter for AC Module Type PV Module Integrated Converter
Authors Sun-Jae Youn ; Young-Ho Kim ; Yong-Chae Jung ; Chung-Yuen Won
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.3.247
Page pp.247-255
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords push-pull converter; soft-switching; current-fed; PV module integrated converter; AC module
Abstract In this paper, a soft switching DC-DC converter for AC module type photovoltaic (PV) module integrated converter is proposed. A push-pull converter is suitable for a low voltage PV AC module system because the step-up ratio of a high frequency transformer is high and the number of primary side switches is relatively small. However, the conventional push-pull converters do not have high efficiency because of high switching losses by hard switching and transformer losses (copper and iron losses) by high turns-ratio of the transformer. In the proposed converter, primary side switches are turned on at zero voltage switching (ZCS) condition and turned off at zero current switching (ZVS) condition through parallel resonance between secondary leakage inductance of the transformer and a resonant capacitor. Therefore the proposed push-pull converter decreases the switching loss using soft switching of the primary switches. Also, the turns-ratio of the transformer can be reduced by half using a voltage-doubler of secondary side. The theoretical analysis of the proposed converter is verified by simulation and experimental results.