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Title The Study on the One-stage PFC-flyback Converter using the Soft Switching Technique
Authors Sang-Hyeok Lee ; Jung-Goo Hwang ; Sung-Jun Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.3.263
Page pp.263-269
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords flyback converter; resonant; snubber; soft switching
Abstract The flyback converter has been applied widely in isolated DC/DC power converters because this converters employ a single MOSFET switch. The leakage inductance should be minimized for high efficiency of flyback converter. but in reality, it is very difficult. Namely, The Snubber circuit is essential to recover the leakage inductance stored energy when the switch is turn off. Flyback Converter typically operates in DCM mode and when switch is turn off in hard switching, this hard switching action results in a high power losses and switching stresses. In order to overcome these problems, a novel soft switching flyback converter using resonant snubber circuit is proposed in this paper. The resonant snubber circuit is composed of the transformer leakage inductance and a capacitor. To verify and confirm the proposed resonant snubber circuit, PSIM simulation and hardware prototype are implemented. Simulation and Experimental results indicate that the proposed resonant snubber circuit is effective.