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Title Torque Ripple Reduction based on Flux Linkage Harmonics Observer for an Interior PM Synchronous Motor including Back EMF Harmonics
Authors Yong-Sin Jin ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Byung-Kuk Lim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.4.367
Page pp.367-375
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords torque ripple; back emf harmonics; MRAS observer; IPMSM
Abstract The mechanical vibration of a PM synchronous motor at low speeds due to the back emf harmonics may be serious problems in some application such as MDPS(Motor driven power steering), electric vehicles. In this paper, torque ripple reduction for an interior PM synchronous motor including back emf harmonics is proposed. The dq flux linkage harmonics of the permanent magnet are estimated on real time by using the dq currents of the real system and the model of the MRAS observer. Based on the estimated flux linkage harmonics, the dq harmonic currents for reducing the torque ripples are compensated on the dq reference currents. The estimation of the flux linkage harmonics by the MRAS observer and the torque ripple reduction of the proposed algorithm was verified by the simulation and experiment.