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Title An Output Control Algorithm for Phase Shift Full Bridge Converter for Ballast Water Treatment
Authors Sang-Ri Lee ; Hag-Wone Kim ; Kwan-Yuhl Cho ; Ho-Chul Jung ; Jong-Hyug Kim ; Gwi-Cheol Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.6.530
Page pp.530-539
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PSFB(Phase Shift Full Bridge) converter; ballast water; control algorithm for ballast rectifier
Abstract In large vessels, proper water level must be maintained with a balance for right and left equilibrium by absorbing or draining sea water in ballast water tank. However, this ship's ballast-water can be drained marine organisms to local sea area by world trade and this can be a source of ecological disturb. In order to solve these problems, marine organisms must be removed in accordance with the international covenant for the emission of microorganisms. By this reason, the seawater electrolysis rectifier of low-voltage high-current rectifiers with excellent ability for microbial treatment is required. In this paper, PSFB converter will be discussed for the seawater electrolysis rectifier. Furthermore, a new output control method with the power limit operation under the limited maximum voltage condition is proposed for this rectifier. The simulation for the proposed current control method for PSFB Converter is shown using MATLAB/SIMULINK. Finally the usefulness of the proposed control method is presented by the experimental results.