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Title Advanced Field Weakening Control for Maximum Output Power Operation of Seawater Cooling Pump Induction Motor in a Limited Environment
Authors Yung-Deug Son ; Yong-Joo Seo ; Jun-Hyung Jung ; Jang-Mok Kim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2013.18.6.540
Page pp.540-546
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords induction motor; field weakening control; seawater cooling pump; DSP
Abstract The induction motor is used for driving the special equipments such as warship and submarine pump due to robust structure and simple maintenance. Domestic and foreign warships use a wide range of voltages and the DC voltage sources mainly from battery. In the low voltage level, the Δ-connection operation of induction motor can be used for the maximum power. However, the temperature of the inverter increases because of the high input current. On the other hand, Y-connection operation of the induction motor does not cause a problem of temperature because of the low input current compared to the Δ-connection. But the lack of the supply voltage can not be avoided. Therefore, this paper suggests the algorithm of the optimum field weakening control to extend the operating range of the induction motor with maximum power in a limited thermal and DC voltage condition.