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Title AC Regeneratable Battery Charging and Discharging Test System
Authors Jun-Gu Kim ; Sun-Jae Youn ; Jae-Hyung Kim ; Chung-Yuen Won ; Jong-Kuk Na
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2012.17.2.99
Page pp.99-106
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AC regeneration system; Battery charging and discharging; Grid connected
Abstract In this paper, 15[kW] AC regenerative system for battery charging and discharging test is proposed. The regenerative system is able to regenerate surplus energy to the grid in discharging mode, and the inverter of the system can be operated as a converter to compensate scarce energy in charging mode. In case of the conventional DC charging and discharging system, the regenerative energy is consumed by a resistor. However, as the proposed system regenerates the surplus energy to the grid through using DC-AC inverter, the energy saving effect can be achieved. In this paper, 15[kW] battery charging and discharging system is developed, and the validity of the system is verified through simulation and experimental results.