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Title A Sensorless Speed Control of 2-Phase Asymmetric SRM with Parameter Compensator
Authors Geun-Min Lim ; Jin-Woo Ahn ; Dong-Hee Lee
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2012.17.3.238
Page pp.238-245
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords SRM; sensorless control; parameter compensator
Abstract This paper presents a sensorless speed control of a 2-phase switch reluctance motor(SRM). The proposed sensorless control scheme is based on the slide mode observer with parameter compensator to improve the estimation performance. In the stand still position, the initial rotor position is determined by pulse current responses of each phase windings and the current difference. In order to determine an accurate initial rotor position, the two initial rotor positions are estimated by the difference of the pulse currents. From the stand still to the operating region, a simple open loop control which determines the commutation sequence by the pulse current of the unexcited phase winding is used. When the motor speed is reached to the sensorless control region, the estimated rotor position and speed by the slide mode observer are used to control the SRM. The flux calculator used in the slide mode observer is designed by phase voltage and the voltage drops in the phase resistance of the winding. The accuracy of the flux calculator is dependent on the phase resistance. For the continuous update of the phase resistance, current gradient at the inductance break point is used in this paper. The error of the estimated rotor position at the current gradient position is used to update the phase resistance to improve the sensorless scheme. The proposed sensorless speed control scheme is verified with a practical compressor used in home appliances. And the results show the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme.