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Title Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Connecting a Full-bridge Inverter to a 5-level Inverter in Series
Authors Un-Taek Hong ; Won-Kyun Choi ; Cheol-Soon Kwon ; Feel-Soon Kang
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2011.16.1.30
Page pp.30-37
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Multilevel inverters; Pulse width modulation (PWM); Total harmonic distortion (THD)
Abstract This paper presents a circuit configuration of multilevel inverter to synthesize a large number of output voltage levels by connecting a full-bridge inverter to a 5-level inverter in series. We analyze the characteristics by computer-aided simulations and experiments when it has input voltage sources which have the same and the power of three in the amplitude. In addition, it is compared with the conventional transformer based multilevel inverter.