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Title Supercapacitor Energy Storage System for the Compensation of Fuel Cell Response Characteristics
Authors Woong-Hyub Song ; Jae-Hun Jung ; Jin-Young Kim ; 魯Eui-Cheol Nho ; In-Dong Kim ; Heung-Geun Kim ; Tae-Won Chun
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2011.16.5.440
Page pp.440-447
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Fuel cell; Supercapacitor Bidirectional DC/DC converter
Abstract This paper deals with supercapacitor energy storage system for the compensation of the slow response characteristics of a fuel cell generation system for grid connection. A bidirectional dc/dc converter is used for the charging and discharging of the supercapacitor. The conventional converters use additional clamping circuit, etc. to reduce a voltage spike at the instant of switching and to provide wide range of soft switching. The proposed method provides simplified hardware implementation without any clamping circuit, and soft switching condition for both charging and discharging mode with proper switching patterns. The usefulness of the proposed scheme is verified through simulation and experimental results with 1 kW system.