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Title Novel ZVS Switching Method of Full-bridge Converter
Authors Seung-Ryong Kim ; Han-Geol Sun ; Man-Seung Han ; Sung-Jun Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2011.16.5.477
Page pp.477-483
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Power electronics; Full-bridge Converter; ZVS Soft-Switching
Abstract Existing switching system that is one of the ways which are used for DC/DC power converter is classified to hard-switching system and resonant-soft-switching system, generally. Hard-switching system is inefficient because the power loss of the switching element is large when it is been to trun on or turn off. And resonant-soft-switching system have the defect that need to add the another reactor and capacitor that make it expensive and huge. This paper suggest the ZVS Full-Bridge power converter contrcution of novel switching system for the overcoming these shortcomings. In Suggested soft-switching system, the front of buck converter at diode current, switch is changing on and off at the part of full-bridge converter's zero voltage part. as the result that is possible to be ZVS excepting the reactor and capacitor. also to verify the reasonability of the isolated ZVS full-bridge DC/DC converter as previously suggested, we produced the 500[W] level DC/DC converter and enforced the simulation for Psim, and then it able to conform the superiority of the DC/DC converter's efficient.