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Title The Stabilization Model of Receive Sensitivity of Thick Film Oscillation Circuit for Air Explosion Shell
Authors Young-Cheol Lim ; Kwan-Woo Kim ; Jin-Bong Choi ; Young-Gook Jung
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2010.15.1.17
Page pp.17-26
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords The Stabilization Model; Receive Sensitivity; Thick Film Oscillation Circuit; Air Explosion Shell
Abstract This paper proposes the stabilization modelling method of receive sensitivity of thick film oscillation circuit for air explosion shell. The proposed method minimizes the errors of the thick film oscillator which uses air explosion shell for military and it is very similar to the simulation for maximizing the efficiency. Firstly, the proposed method gets the equation of new form through statistical analysis from the data which shows always fixed and stabilized output from the real model. Secondly, the simulation is designed which is possible to predict the output, after optimization that is a model to match the each electronic component output by the equation. In a conclusion, the usefulness, the accuracy and the precision are proved as compared with the output data of real model.