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Title Water Cooling Pipe Structure for Heat-Dissipation of HEV Inverter System
Authors Gyoung-Man Kim ; Byung-Guk Woo ; 李Yong-Hwa Lee ; Chan-Ho Kang ; Tae-Won Chun ; 烈Kwan-Yuhl Cho
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2010.15.1.27
Page pp.27-34
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Heat dissipation; Water cooling; Pipe structure; Inverter; HEV; ICE-PAK program
Abstract To dissipate the heat generated from the switching devices in the inverter system of HEV, the water cooling structure is proposed. The bolt type cooling structure has a problem such as water leakage for high pressure of water, therefore the proposed cooling structure applied pipe structure in the heat sink. The heat dissipation characteristics for various structures of water channel and distance between heat source and water channel was analyzed through the simulation. heat dissipation effect for two types of water cooling structures was investigated. Based on the simulation results, two types of water cooling system for 30㎾ inverter system of HEV were manufactured and the heat dissipation effect was verified.