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Title Analysis of Voltage Delay and Compensation for Current Control in H-Bridge Multi-Level Inverter
Authors Young-Min Park ; Han-Seong Ryu ; 李Hyun-Won Lee ; Myung-Gil Jung ; 李Se-Hyun Lee
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2010.15.1.43
Page pp.43-51
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords H-bridge multi-level inverter; Power cell; Phase-shifted pulse width modulation; Voltage delay and compensation
Abstract This paper proposes an analysis of voltage delay and compensation for current control in H-Bridge Multi-Level (HBML) inverters for a medium voltage motor drive with vector control. It is shown that the expansion and modularization capability of the HBML inverter is improved in case of using Phase-Shifted Pulse Width Modulation (PSPWM) since individual inverter modules operate more independently. But, the PSPWM of HBML has a phase difference between reference voltage and real voltage, which can cause instability in the current regulator at high speed where the ratio of the sampling frequency to the output frequency is insufficient. This instability of the current regulator is removed by adding a proposed method which compensate a phase difference between reference voltage and real voltage. The proposed method is suitable for HBML inverter controlled by PSPWM with low switching frequency and high speed motor drive. The validity of the proposed method is verified experimentally on 6,600[V] 1,400[㎾] induction motor fed by an 13-level HBML inverter.