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Title Three-Parallel System Operation and Grid-Connection Technique for High-Power Wind Turbines using a PMSG
Authors 李Sang-Hyouk Lee ; Hea-Gwang Jung ; 李Kyo-Beum Lee ; Se-Wan Choi ; Woo-Jin Choi
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2010.15.4.296
Page pp.296-308
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Three-parallel operation; LCL-filter; Grid connection technique; Unbalance grid voltage
Abstract This paper proposes a design of the three-parallel converter system and grid-connection technique for a PMSG based wind turbine systems. The back-to-back converter of the PMSG based wind turbine system is directly connected to the grid so that both the power devices and the filters are needed to have large power ratings. The three-parallel converter configuration can reduce the required power ratings of the devices and filters. However, the three-parallel converter can cause circulating currents. These circulating currents can be suppressed by sellecting proper inner inductance at each leg. An LCL filter design is used to meet the THD regulations. The latent resonance caused by the LCL filter is compensated by an active damping method without additional loss. The decline of the power quality caused by the unbalanced and distorted grid voltages is also compensated with an additional compensation algorithm. The simulation and experimental results show that the proposed system and compensation methods are effective for the wind turbine systems.