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Title A LC Series Resonant Boost Converter Using a Single Switch
Authors Kun-Wook Park ; Doo-Yong Jung ; Young-Hyok Ji ; 龍Yong-Chae Jung ; Hee-Min Han ; Chung-Yuen Won
DOI 10.6113/TKPE/2010.15.6.432
Page pp.432-440
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Soft switching; LC series resonance; Resonant converter; Passive elements; ZVS
Abstract In this paper, a LC series resonant boost converter using a single switch is proposed. The proposed topology contains additional passive elements in the conventional boost converter and performs Zero Voltage Switching(ZVS) without an additional auxiliary switch when a main switch turned on and off. The switch off time of the proposed system determined by LC series resonance, thus a on-time variable Pulse Frequency Modulation(PFM) method is adapted to control output voltage in the proposed converter. Operational modes of the proposed topology are divided with respected to the current conduction paths and then through the theoretical analysis and experimental results, operational modes and characteristics of the proposed converter are verified.