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Title High Efficiency Switch Mode Line Transformer (SMLT)Composed of Load Sharing Dual Modules
Authors Jin-Hong Kim ; Jung-Woo Yang ; Du-Hee Jang ; Jeong-Il Kang ; Sang-Kyoo Han
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2020.25.3.188
Page pp.188-194
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords High efficiency; LLC resonant converter; Load sharing; SMLT(Switch Mode Line Transformer); High power application
Abstract This paper presents a high-efficiency Switch Mode Line Transformer (SMLT) composed of load-shared dual modules, which is based on the AC/AC LLC resonant converter. Given that the conventional adaptor is usually composed of two power stages, namely, the PFC and DC/DC converters, its system size can be increased according to the output power. However, given that the proposed SMLT can separate the PFC converter from the adaptor, the size reduction of the system can be achieved. Meanwhile, the SMLT with a single module has the limit of the size reduction because of a high resonant current. Thus, it can be configured with dual or multiple modules to reduce the resonant current. Then, their load sharing can be guaranteed by only the proposed transformer structure without an extra current controller. The validity of the proposed converter is proven through a 850-W prototype.