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Title Study on Capacity Design of Active Phase Controller for Distribution Line Reconfiguration
Authors Da-Woom Jeong ; Soo-Yeon Kim ; Sung-Jun Park ; Dong-Hee Kim
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2020.25.5.369
Page pp.369-375
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Active phase controller; Distribution network; FACTS; SSSC
Abstract Distribution energy resources have been increasing in recent years. However, output power is limited for distribution network stability. This study proposes an active distribution network that can reconfigure distribution lines by using an active phase controller. A conventional distribution network has a fixed structure, whereas an active distribution network has a variable structure. Therefore, the latter can increase the output power of distribution energy resources and decrease the overload of distribution line facilities. An active phase controller has two operation modes for minimizing circulating current during dynamic reconfiguration. In this study, voltage and current control algorithms are proposed for active phase controllers. The simulation of the proposed methods for active phase controllers is performed using PSIM software.