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Title Development of Planar Transformer and SiC Based 3 kW High Powe rDensity DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles
Authors Sangjin Kim ; Chaeyoung Suk ; Ramadhan Muhammad Hakim ; Sewan Cho ; i Byoungwoo Ryu ; Sanghun Park
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2021.26.2.112
Page pp.112-119
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords LDC (Low Voltage DC-DC Converter); APM (Auxiliary Power Module); High power density; High switching frequency; Planar transformer
Abstract This study proposes a design method of high-power-density and high-efficiency low-voltage DC-DC converters using SiC MOSFET and the optimized planar transformer design procedure based on the figure-of -merit. The secondary rectifying circuit of the phase-shifted full-bridge converter is compared to achieve high power density and high efficiency, and the phase-shifted full bridge converter with a current-doubler rectifier is selected. The planar transformer is designed by the proposed optimized design procedure and verified by FEA simulation. To validate the proposed design method, experimental results from a 3 kW prototype are provided. The prototype achieved 95.28% maximum efficiency and a power density of 2.98 kW/L.