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Title Separation Inverter Noise and Detection of DC Series Arc in PV System Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and High Frequency Noise Component Analysis
Authors Jae-Beom Ahn ; Hyun-Bin Jo ; Jin-Han Lee ; Chan-Gi Cho ; Ki-Duk Lee ; Jin Lee ; Seung-Beom Lim ; Hong-Je Ryoo
DOI 10.6113/TKPE.2021.26.4.271
Page pp.271-276
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords AFD (Arc Fault Detection); DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform); Inverter noise; PV (Photo Voltaic); UL1699B
Abstract Arc fault detector based on multilevel DWT with analysis of high-frequency noise components over 100 kHz is proposed in this study to improve the performance in detecting serial arcs and distinguishing them from inverter noise in PV systems. PV inverters generally operate at a frequency range of 20?50 kHz for switching operation and maximum power tracking control, and the effect of these frequency components on the signal for arc detection leads to negative arc detection. High-speed ADC and multilevel DWT are used in this study to analyze frequency components above 100 kHz. Such high frequency components are less influenced by inverter noise and utilized to detect as well as separate DC series arc from inverter noise. Arc detectors identify the input current of PV inverters using a Rogowski coil. The sensed signal is filtered, amplified, and used in 800kSPS ADC and DWT analysis and arc occurrence determination in DSP. An arc detection simulation facility in UL1699B was constructed and AFD tests the proposed detector were conducted to verify the performance of arc detection and performance of distinction of the negative arc. The satisfactory performance of the arc detector meets the standard of arc detection and extinguishing time of UL1699B with an arc detection time of approximately 0.11 seconds.