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Title Design of Variable Speed SRM Drive for Hydraulic Pump Application
Authors Dong-Hee Lee ; Bong-Chul Kim ; Young-Joo An ; Jin-Woo Ahn
Page pp.1-6
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Hydraulic pump; SRM; variable speed control; high efficiency; high response
Abstract This paper presents an advanced method for an initial pole position estimation of a Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor(PMLSM) that has an accurate incremental encoder for servo applications but does not have Hall sensors as a magnetic pole sensor. By appropriately using the secant method as a numerical method the proposed algorithm finds either of two zero force positions and then the correct d-axis by applying a q-axis test current. It only requires the tuned current controller and the relative position information and so it can be simply applicable to a rotary PMSM. The experimental results show the validity of the proposed method, which has an excellent performance with respect to an accurate pole position estimation under the minimal moving distance(average of about 85μm) during the estimation process.