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Title The Loss Factor Analysis for PV System Optimization
Authors Jung-Hun So ; Yeong-Seok Jung ; Byung-Gyu Yu ; Gwon-Jong Yu ; Ju-Yeop Choi
Page pp.22-28
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords PV system; Power conditioning system; Performance ratio; Capture losses; System losses; Loss factor
Abstract This paper presents time a constant estimation of induction motor using MRAS(model reference adaptive system) fuzzy control. The rotor time constant is enabled from the estimation of rotor flux, which has two methods. One is to estimate it based on the stator current and the other is to integrate motor terminal voltage. If the parameters are correct, these two methods must yield the same results. But, for the case where the rotor time constant is over or under estimated, the two rotor flux estimation have different angles. Furthermore their angular positions are related to the polarity of rotor time constant estimation error. Based on these observation, this paper develops a rotor time constant update algorithm using fuzzy control. This paper shows the theoretical analysis as well as the simulation results to verify the effectiveness of the new method.