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Title Indirect Current Control of Utility Interactive Inverter for Seamless Transfer
Authors Taesik Yu ; Youngsang Bae ; Sewan Choi ; Hyosung Kim
Page pp.72-78
ISSN 1229-2214
Keywords Distributed generation; Intentional islanding operation; Seamless transfer; Indirect current control
Abstract A study on the hybrid micro power source for the IMT2000 application has been presented. The hybrid micro power source is composed of solar cell, super-capacitor and battery. To compensate for the pulse loader of the IMT2000 application, the super-capacitor is connected through the lithium-ion battery to absorb the pulse discharge current. The solar cell provides the additional current to compensate for the depleted current and it is controlled to operate at the maximum power point voltage. A novel maximum power point tracking method is presented to operate at the pulse discharge load conditions and verified to have superior tracking performance through experiment. The controller design for the hybrid micro power source has been presented and verified through experiment.